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def: villageninja – a person or persons that watch over their village. Expert in everything local to their community and trade.

Are you a nomad, a writer or just like to eat and drink? Write for us and help us grow our clan of village ninjas. Contributing to villageninja is a unique opportunity for you or your brand to gain exposure to potential fans of what you do.

We humbly accept quality contributions that are not overly self-promotional. Giving the reader value is key. If your site has content that can help our readers, we’ll gladly link to it. For all promotional information you may have, you can put it in the author box alongside your social profiles.

Why write for villageninja?

Provide brilliant insight

Here at villageninja, we truly believe that our work affects a lot of people’s lives. And judging by the engagement of our audience and how reactive they are to our content, we have good reasons to believe so. Writing for us is an opportunity for you to impact other’s lives positively too. Help a reader find the best place to go while visiting your city, find out facts about food and drinks and gain knowledge of industry experts.

Reach a wider audience

When published on our site, your work not only gets visitors from our website but is accessed over our entire social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Your piece will always have a place in our site gaining you extra exposure every single day!

Achieve greatness

Our contributors have great success here at villageninja. Showing your work to different audiences gives you a greater chance to get noticed. Great writers often attract book deals, speaking opportunities, and teaching requests.

4 important rules to contribute

  1. Quality must be high and well researched.
  2. Unique content will only be under consideration.
  3. Contributing authors must promote their post through their social networks for example Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Content should be at least 700 words.  Most content is 700 – 2000 words.

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