San Diego has the best bunch of attractions that supersede the expectations of every adventurous traveler. From mountains to ocean, on-land activities to some water action, San Diego is an ideal place for adventure enthusiasts and action lovers all across the world.

Whale Watching Trip

whale-watching-in-san-diego For a breath-taking view of the ocean, hop on the board and gear up yourself to gaze at seabirds, sea lions, whales, dolphins and much more. The wondrous whale watching excursion trip in San Diego is a great way to view Marine Life. Ride on a cozy and comfortable yacht that features both indoor and outdoor seating with a snack bar serving freshly prepared food, bar and return souvenirs.

Speedboat Ride

speedboat-ride-san-diegoAcross the beautiful and extensive shore of San Diego Harbor, get set to drive your very own speed boat. Ideal for two individuals, the speedboat, is safe, fun yet easy to handle and operate.

Freefall Bike Tour

freefall-bike-tour-san-diegoGet your feet on the famous bike tour offered by La Jolla. Since it’s one of the best sightseeing spots in San Diego, kick starts your calves to stretch and assure yourself that you’re all set for some cycling fun in San Diego. If you’re here for the first time, no worries! You’ll be given an illustrated bike map that will help you all the way long. Take a bike tour right from the top of Mt. Soledad to witness the fascinating yet panoramic view of San Diego before you speed up your bike for a thrilling ride towards Pacific Beach. While you have a self-tour in San Diego, you may opt for either a full ride along the coast or a quick short ride around La Jolla.

Snorkeling Fun

Snorkeling-san-diegoDress up yourself in a wetsuit, fins, mask, and a snorkel to enjoy the memorable snorkeling experience. Expertise doesn’t count here-beginners are welcomed too. Encounter a 50-minute long snorkeling lesson which provides you with an opportunity to swim with the gentle leopard sharks. Don’t worry! They are completely harmless. Don’t feel that you are left all alone amongst the magnificent leopard sharks because an expert snorkel guide is all around you to assist you with the basics of snorkeling. Keep the snorkeling outfit along with you if you wish to devote your whole day to this addictive activity and don’t forget to look for some stingrays and shovelnose guitarfish too!

Surfing at Surfari

surfing-san-diegoHit the waves with your water-board and transform yourself into a seasoned surfer. Take your surfing skills to a whole new level by taking up a 60-minute surfing lesson that is specifically designed to nurture the surfing spark and passion lying within you.

High Trapeze

high-trapeze-san-diegoTrapeze is fun only if you’re 7 or above. Here you can learn to fly, swing and catch undertrained instructors. Let yourself fly in the air with great ease and wrap off the safety harness around you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Skydive in San Diego

sky-diving-san-diegoAvail, the fascinating skydive facility, packed with few training buildings, BBQ deck, lush green grassy landing space, and panoramic scenery to turn it into the most memorable one over. The best part of the skydive is it will set up to take off, and land right from where you started off so your friends can watch your action!

Sailing Tour

sailng-tours-san-diegoEnjoy the quiet and majestic side of San Diego Bay and sail your worries away! The two-hour sailing tour of San Diego will expose you to the marine wildlife while your hair will be blown with cool wind breezes. The impressive sight of the sailing experience will turn every adventurer’s trip memorable enough to cherish later on. Here you’ll be provided complimentary snacks, sodas, wines and beer as well.