Spain is such a unique and fascinating country that it’s almost impossible not to stumble upon some exciting treasures even if you just walk about the picturesque streets of Barcelona or Madrid. There are always some unique places off the beaten path and spots only locals know about. Here are seven unusual things you should try in Spain.

Visit the scariest pathway in the world

Caminito_del_Rey_4Each year a tiny village El Chorro welcomes hundreds of thrill-seekers that want to get their fair share of adrenaline rush at the most frightening path on planet Earth. Built in 1921, King’s Little Pathway (Caminito del Rey) hangs 100 meters above the ground with a backdrop of picturesque Gaitanes Gorge. It’s a gut-wrenching hike, but it’s worth the view!

Ride the breathtaking Zip Line

ziplineWhat makes this zip line so unique is the fact that it’s the only international zip line in the world, and you can find it only in Spain! Ride through time as you hop onto a zip line that will take you from a scenic village in Spain to the city of Alcoutim in Portugal. This one-minute ride will get you across the Guardiana River into a different country, and a different time zone.

Go to the NDE festival

Spain is known for its vast array of all kinds of festivals, but it is also home to some of the most bizarre celebrations. Attend the incredible La Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme, the festival of Near-Death Experience at Las Nieves, a small village in Galicia famous for paganism and witchcraft. You’ll get to see people in coffins, but they only play dead!

Visit the one and only Ice Bar

icebarIcebarcelona, located on the picturesque beach of El Somorrostro, is a one of a kind facility that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. The whole place is made of ice and the overall temperature in the bar is around -10. It’s a great escape for people who are tired of Spanish summer heat and want to chill out in a pleasant modern atmosphere of a bar in Barcelona.

Don’t miss the Tomb of Christopher Columbus

Tomb_of_Christopher_Columbus_-_Cathedral_of_SevilleA lot of countries claim to have the bones of Christopher Columbus, but Spain’s claim is the strongest. Buried in the tomb at the Cathedral of Seville, Christopher Columbus’ bones were dated with individual DNA tests and were proven to be original. The monument itself is a fantastic architectural piece built by Arturo Melida.

Spend a night in a Gypsy Cave

sacromonte-caveGranada offers its visitors one of the most unique experiences ever – sleeping in an actual gypsy cave. Sacromonte (Sacred Mountain) has been home to dozens of caves belonging to the Roma community since the 15th century. Now all the travelers have the opportunity to learn more about the amazing Moorish culture and enjoy the local variation of flamenco – zambra.

Have fun at the biggest nightclub in the world

privilege-ibiza-1Club Privilege was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s biggest place to party. Located on the famous Ibiza, this place was founded in the 70s and can host up to 10,000 people. The parties have also become legendary due to acrobatic shows and fantastic music.