These days if your spending 15 bucks to see a movie it begs the question why we still go to the movies at all.  It has become more convenient to watch a movie at home with better picture quality and sound than an over-crowded movie theater.  Best of all you don’t have to detail with all of the annoying things about going to a movie.

I don’t know if it is stupidity or mannerless people, but it’s not exactly difficult to behave yourself at a movie theater. WAIT…JUST KIDDING!  Apparently it is REALLY HARD.

Here are six things that piss me off almost every time I seem to walk into the gates of hell *cough* a movie theater.

1. The Cell Phone That Goes Offon-the-phone-at-the-movies

You know when we see on the screen that it is rude to have your cell phone ringing during a movie?  Of course, if it’s an honest mistake and you are quick to turn that phone off it’s fine.  But the people that even take the calls are more annoying.  It’s a god damn movie theater, not your living room.  DO US ALL A FAVOR AND LEARN HOW TO USE SILENT MODE OR JUST TURN THAT SHIT OFF!

2. The Talking or Laugher


Excessive talking is one of the top pet peeves at the movies.  When people talk during movies and it last longer than 5 seconds or it is continuous, it makes me want to slap them in the face with a white glove (#2. deserved an additional image)

slap in the faceWTFFFFF are you thinking?  These are the type of people that have no respect for the people around them.  YES! WE CAN HEAR YOU AND YES YOU CAN STFU.  Even when I am drunk, I don’t talk to my friends during movies.  Please practice a tiny bit of self-restraint.

3. The leg shaker!leg-shaking

Look if you never learned that shaking your legs in public looks retarded it’s 100x worse if people are sitting next to you or worse behind you shaking their legs always making the entire row feel like a motherFking roller coaster.  Keep your leg shaking at home and stop being an ass.

4. The Tall Persontall-people-at-the-movies

You can’t do much about this one.  Sometimes there are only 2 seats left and they happen to be behind giants.  Ever watch an entire movie with your head tilted?  There is one good thing that comes from a tight neck; you get to see your massage therapist!

5. Having to go to the bathroomhaving-to-go-to-the-bathroom-at-the-movies

Having to go to the toilet has happened to me more than once at the movie theater.  You are watching a movie you’ve been waiting to see then mother nature knocks, and you have to run to the bathroom during the best action scene in the film. It is even worse if you have to go #2.  The option of hitting the pause button at home is simply an awesome perk that you will never get at a movie theater.

6. The ridiculous eater

Best example of this is:

Time after time again I am amazed at the vast amount of people munching on their popcorn for the entire movie with the mouth open.  People like this love to make sure that they sip their straws extra loud while trying to suck it dry shaking it, so the ice cubes make a loud noise.

Tell me what you hate about going to the movies!