La Jolla CoveLa Jolla Cove

If you spend a day relaxing outdoors in the bright sunny weather, head to the La Jolla Cove. It is a charming enclave that offers a now and then view and tons of activities to enjoy. A fusion of modern cosmopolitan city and a natural laid-back beach, this place attracts tons of visitors every year. From watching the sunrise in the very early hours of the day to unwinding from a day’s worth of hard work, the beach is a perfect place to sit back and relax. No wonder it attracts a diverse crowd of visitors. The area is a quaint little town that is ideal for families, friends and couples.

Must-do: As part of a marine reserve, the Cove is naturally rich in marine life. Favorite activities around include snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also spot some sea lions hanging around the rocks!

Balboa ParkBalboa Park

Considered to be America’s largest urban cultural park, Balboa Park boasts 25 museums and attractions ranging from astronomical to zoological. It has magnificent buildings; lawns and fountains that will make any person fall in love with the place. Start your tour by visiting some of their fantastic museums or ride a bike through their many lush gardens. You simply won’t get bored in this place.

Must-do: Make sure to catch some world-class theatrical performance at the Old Globe. Also, keep some spare batteries and memory cards for your camera as this place will keep you snapping pictures on your camera!

USS MidwayUSS Midway

Voted as one of the top places to see in San Diego, the USS Midway was the longest serving United States Navy carrier of the 20th century. From 1945 to 1955, it was also the world’s largest ship at 972 feet, big enough to carry more than 4000 people. Aside from this astoundingly great ship, on display is an extensive collection of aircraft of different makes and sizes. Evidently, tourists from all ages and genders will find this place fascinating to visit.

Must-do: Make sure to visit the museum, which is the most famous naval warship museum in the United States. They also hold events throughout the year so make sure to check them out if you get the chance.

Coronado IslandCoronado Island

A tiny strip of land between the San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean, Coronado Island is not an island per se but a peninsula. It houses a beach that is considered to be one of the best in the United States, the Coronado Hotel where the famous movie “Some Like It Hot” was filmed, and a lively downtown area that caters to the need of everybody. The laid back atmosphere and the charming vibe of the Peninsula is a perfect place for strolling along its beach while feasting on some tasty ice cream.

Must-do: Spend an hour or two at the Coronado Bay Bridge to take in the beautiful panoramic view of the area. Take a walking tour to see the well-laid streets, manicured gardens and beautiful homes in the place.

San Diego Zoosan diego zoo

If you want to go on an African Safari like an adventure without the means to fly to Africa, fear not, San Diego Zoo is there to make your dreams come true! As a top rated zoo that is active in animal conservation, this 100-acre zoo cares for animals in their most natural environment – free from small and dingy cages of the old zoos we used to know. Visitors can observe giant pandas, koalas, boa constrictors and a total of 4000 rare and endangered animals and more than 700,000 exotic plants.

Must-do: Aside from animal exhibitions, the zoo caters to sleepover events, evening entertainment and a wide variety of activities for different seasons.


legolandTo bring back the inner child with us, treat yourself to a day at the Legoland in San Diego, one of the many Legolands around the world. Here you can see life-sized traffic cops, enormous dinosaurs, and tons of different creations made entirely from Lego blocks. The kids can also enjoy fun rides and the Water Park inside the venue. For adults, they will surely be amazed by the Miniland, a collection of Lego artists recreation of the world’s greatest cities.
Must-do: Have fun at the Water Park! A bonus point is the nearby Sea Life Aquarium, which you can also visit.