Australia has the reputation of being the country in the world with the 6th biggest size. The capital of the country is Canberra while its largest city is Sydney. While the country has no official language, English is widely spoken all over the country. The lovely country has a total land area of 2,969,907 square miles or 7,692,024 square kilometers. The country has a lot of beautiful features that would make you fall in love with it ranging from their people to their food amongst others. So let’s venture on to the 15 places that will make you fall in love with Australia.

15. Various sanctuaries for animalsVarious sanctuaries for animals

The large animal varieties that are present in Australia is one of the many reasons for which Australia is famous. It is the direct link in the history of evolution between other species and mammals, and it is also host to a lot of poisonous reptiles and arachnids. There are several animals that you will find in few other places in the world that you would also find in Australia. One of such rare animals is the platypus, which you can find in Victoria’s Healesville animal sanctuary. Apart from this safe haven, there are also several other sanctuaries in Australia where a lot of rescued animals are being kept. Visiting any of these sanctuaries in Australia would sure make you fall in love with Australia.

14. Vineyard valleysVineyard valleys

The underrated and fantastic wine area of Australia is another nice location in Australia that would make you fall in love with the country. Even if you are not a wine lover, the natural beauty of the valleys would be sure to impress you. You can visit the plantations in Geelong, Macedon, Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley, which are all located in Victoria. Most of the other states of Australia also have other lovely wine plantations that you should see such as Barossa located in SA, Margaret River located in WA and the Hunter Valley located in NSW amongst others. Most of these valleys have their own unique grape type quality. These valleys also have great meals you can enjoy which can be served alongside wines, if you love to take wines. You can also visit Tasmania for their own wine flavors.

13. Rottnest IslandRottnest Island

These Islands have beaches whose water is very clear. Apart from the clear waters, there are also sea rocks, which contain fossils that can be traced back several centuries ago. Some of the features of these beaches are unique to only Rottnest Island as you will not find them in any other part of Australia or the world. For instance, one of the animals you will only find in Rottnest is the quokkas. They look like a crossbreed between a fox and a squirrel. There are times of the year where you can see dolphins and humpback whales from the Island. You can also engage in activities such as walking, taking buses and bike hiring. You can also decide to lie down on the dunes. If you are lying down however, you should be careful not to be bitten by a Southern Blind Snake.

12. Cradle MountainCradle Mountain

The cradle mountain is located in Tasmania. It starts from North of Tasmania’s Dove Lake and rises high to the sky. This feature which is inside the Cradle Mountain National Park is the Island state’s icon. The location is very lovely with epic views and hikes that are world class.

11. Spa poolSpa_Pool

The spa pool is reputed to be Australia’s best national park. It is located in Western Australia at the Karijini National Park. The pool has an epic look and has secret pools, waterfalls, and gorge walks.

10. The Pinnacles DesertThe Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles Desert is also located in Western Australia at the Nambung National Park. It has a lot of rock structures rises out of the ground. You get the feeling you are no longer on earth if you should visit this lovely location in the night.

9. Sea Cliff BridgeSea Cliff Bridge

The Sea Cliff Bridge is located in New South Wales at Clifton. It is only a big time legend that would have achieved this feat of a road. The road gives you the opportunity to see a lot of beautiful views as you drive over it.

8. The Twelve ApostlesThe Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles is located in Victoria, along the Great Ocean Road. Apart from allowing to see seascapes that look perfect, watching the sunset from this location is something that would not only make you love Australia but the whole of life.

7. Blue Mountains National ParkBlue Mountains National Park

This part which is located in New South Wales is only 60 minutes away from Sydney. You get to enjoy the galore of waterfalls, walks that are incredible as well as views that are stunning.

6. Flinders RangesFlinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges is a massive awesome and outback mountain tower which is located in South Australia. Every part of this tower is epic, with lovely sights that are very attractive.

5. Whitehaven BeachWhitehaven Beach

The Whitehaven beach is located in Queensland at the Whitsundays. This beach is one of the many clear water perfect beaches that are found in the Great Barrier Reef. If you are looking forward to seeing the most beautiful beaches on the planet, then this is one beach you must see.

4. The Heart PoolThe Heart Pool

This pool, which is located in Queensland at Killarney Glen, is heart shaped and a great destination for lovers. The pool features a waterfall. You also have the opportunity of jumping into the pool if you so desire.

3. Horsehead Rockhorsehead rock

The Horsehead Rock is located in New South Wales at Bermagui. It is one of the awesome rocks that are available in New South Wales’ Sapphire Coast. This rock is however the most amazing as the rock looks like the head of a horse which is drinking from the water body.

2. Wharton BeachWhartons Beach

The Wharton beach is located in Western Australia, in Esperance at the national park in Cape Arid. You are most like to come back from this beach wet as there is a great temptation to play inside the water of this beach.

1. UluruUluru

Uluru, which is located in Australia’s heart in the Northern Territory, is another spot that would have you falling in love with Australia. Even though it is in the middle of nowhere, a lot of tourists regularly visit this spot to catch the lovely sight.