Every one of us has that one city on our mind that we want to visit at least once in our life. It is like a fantasy that is common to every human on earth, and I am dead sure you must be having if not more, at least one such city on your bucket list that you want to visit before you die. I too have my own list, and I love to talk about it. After talking to tons of people from different regions of the world, we have picked 12 astounding cities which you should visit before taking your last breath.

New York City, USA12

Statue of Liberty, the Met, Times Square, The Central Park – there are so many places to explore in the beautiful city of New York. The first time in NYC, you will be overwhelmed by the number of places you MUST visit while in New York. Adding to the mystery and beauty of the city is the bizarre but interesting neighborhood the city has. The parks, the delis, weird shops – everything is just so amazing.

Chiang Mai, Thailand11

Welcome to Thailand’s “Rose of the North”. Things not to miss here are Night Bazaar, Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, and the pleasing aromas of Thai orchids. You will find spiritual peace here as the city homes hundreds of temples. How can I forget the “Balloon Adventure”? One step on this balloon and you can see the entire view of the city. However, not for the people who are afraid of heights?

London, England10

London has been standing beautifully tall on the river Thames from years. The populous city of England, London is a fantastic combination of history, art, food and fashion. It’s my heartiest advice to go across the Thames and experience the London Eye Observation Wheel which will provide you the broad view of the South Bank cultural complex, and the whole city. Les Miserables is the best show in London and a must watch and if you must go shopping for your friends and family, get it down at affordable gifts and specialty shops: Forbidden Planet.

Berlin, Germany9

Berlin is well-known for its glamor, nightlife, and remarkable architecture. They say that if you love Berlin, it will give you the same love back. Here you can visit Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, and Museumsinsel. The life in Berlin is fast-paced but still very relaxed. One amazing adventure that Berlin has is the game of TeamEscape which can be played by teams as well as individuals.

Istanbul, Turkey8

Turkey and especially Istanbul is one place that should definitely be on your list. The city which is popularly known as the “World’s Hippest City” has mosques, bazaars, Turkish baths, restaurants, galleries and clubs in its belly. Visit the Suleymaniye Mosque, the Hagia Sophia Museum, Basilica Cistern and put on your relaxing mode and spend some quality time at Kilic Ali Pasa Hamami.

Barcelona, Spain7

The capital city of Catalonia region in Spain – Barcelona is a great combination of vibrant street, imaginative food, freaky art and beautiful architecture. Places which can entertain you are Basilica of La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Cathedral, National Art Museum of Catalonia and Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. The people are friendly, smart and hard-working which enables you to get social and learn a lot about the place.  Being one of the cosmopolitan cities of Spain, Barcelona has enough to keep you occupied for many days at a stretch.

Venice, Italy6

The beautiful city of Venice is built on more than 100 small islands in the Adriatic Sea. It has nothing to do with cars and roadways, all you can see here are canals and boats. Here you can experience the life of people who travel only in boats every day and night. You won’t be able to resist yourself in appreciating its cuisine, art, espressos and marble churches.

Kyoto, Japan5

The old capital of Japan – Kyoto is a beautiful city standing on the island of Honshu. The city is crowded with traditional wooden houses and to add on it has a great nightlife, thousands of Buddhist temples and shrines. Things to do in Kyoto: Visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine, Gear – Art Complex and enjoy shopping in Nishiki Market.

Nadi, Fiji4

The tropical paradise known as Nadi (located in Fiji) is full of beautiful beaches and remarkable ancient cultural sites around Sigatoka. Sadly, soon this paradise will turn into a business hub and a tourist junction. Nevertheless, you can give it a visit before commercialization takes over. You can enjoy the relaxing Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool in Nadi. The night tour in Robinson Crusoe Island is one more reason to visit Nadi before you die.

Bruges, Belgium3

A fairy-tale town life awaits you in Bruges, the capital of northwest Belgium. The photogenic canals, historic churches, and whitewashed almshouses will keep you engaged in this mysterious place. Discover the different flavors of beer and choose your favorite. If you want to ask out someone then go at the top of Belfry which is 83 meters high tower; I bet she won’t deny.

Singapore, Singapore2

The all-time favorite place – Singapore is a colorful and soulful city in Southeast Asia. You won’t ever be bored here in Singapore. Singapore has got a lot for your entertainment from city parks to city clubs – everything packed and served in a small packet. If you want to experience a real team game with your friends, then experience it in The Escape Hunt. Feel the nature in Singapore Botanic Gardens and lose yourself in nature.

Sydney, Australia1

Welcome to one of the Australia’s largest city – Sydney. There is always something amazing happening in the city which makes it difficult to stay in your room and not enjoy the vibrant colors of the city. Dance like a crazy at the parties or go on a bar hunt – the choice is yours, and Sydney will help. If you are coming along with your love, then don’t forget to take a beach walk from Bondi to Coogee. Both of you will love it. Did I mention the Sydney Opera House? It needs no introduction anyway!