For how long have you been living on Earth? Right from the time you have taken birth? Well, what do you know about the planet you call your Mother?

There are a lot of things about Earth that you are yet to know. Read below to know about 10 of them:

1) Earth has absolutely no rings surrounding its blue sphere appearance:

Some planets have rings around them; Earth is one of those planets that don’t have rings; this is exactly what makes it appear so beautiful in the dark background of the universe. The blue sphere looks like a blue gemstone spreading happiness in the darkness of the massive universe.

2) Earth has a protective shield that keeps us safe from meteoroids:

Despite having no rings around its circular body, Earth has a protective shield that protects us all from being destructed by meteoroids and other such things in the universe. It is because of this shield that each one of us is so safe.

3) Earth is the fifth largest planet in the solar system:

If you check the entire solar system, you find out that Earth is the fifth hugest planet in the entire solar system. No doubt we are populating it so much!

4) Earth is the only planet known to have life in the universe:

This is something that almost everybody knows; Earth is the only planet with life in the solar system, or so we are aware.

5) Most of the parts of this planet are covered with water:

Even though a lot of people are dying due to a shortage of water on Earth, it doesn’t mean that we have no water here; most of the parts are covered with water ONLY!

6) Moon is the natural satellite of our planet:

Moon is our planet’s natural satellite; this doesn’t mean that we don’t need the artificial ones for our television sets!

7) Light takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds to travel to Earth from Sun:

This is something that only a handful of people know, but it is true – the light takes approximately 8 minutes and 20 seconds to come to Earth from the Sun.

8) 1/3rd of the planet is a desert:

Even though Earth is blue due to the water that covers most of its parts, 1/3rd of Earth is also covered with desert!

9) Before the planet had trees, it was covered with giant mushrooms:

This is for all the mushroom lovers out there – can you imagine a land full of giant mushrooms? But what if I say that there were absolutely no trees on Earth, during those days? There was a time when Earth had only giant mushrooms and no trees at all.

10) The core of the planet is as hot as the burning sun:

We all know about the heat of the sun; to your surprise, the center of Earth is as hot as the sun!