San Diego – a city on Pacific coast of California which is known for its warm climate, beaches, food, and parks. If you are traveling to San Diego and love to eat, here are the top 10 places you should visit.

1. Broken Yolk

broken-yolk-cafe-san-diegoThe Broken Yolk is a family eating spot. The name, clearly states that it is a place for early risers for breakfast that opens up at 6.00am. This café specializes of omelets with unique ingredients. The menu of the breakfast also consists of waffles, pancakes of all sorts and burritos. The original branch is located at the Pacific Beach.

2. Brian’s 24

Brians24-san-diegoIf you are not an early eater and like to have a late dinner, then Brian’s 24 is your place. The idea that there aren’t places which are open for 24 hours which is why the owners of this restaurant decided to open up a place that serves for 24 hours. It is a family owned restaurant offering all sorts of food

3. Pacific Beach Fish Shop

PB-Fish-shop-san-diegoPick your own style to eat fish is the idea of the Pacific Beach Fish Shop. This fish shop is located at the Pacific Beach as the name says. Here you can decide to eat the fish in your own way. Select a fish of your choice, choose the flavoring of your own and then decide how to eat, whether with a sandwich, taco, plate or a salad. Just be creative with your taste!

4. Marine Room

marine-room-san-diego-la-jollaIf you are traveling with a partner and want to go on a date night, then Marine Room is the place you must go. During high tides, the waves crash on the window which makes the restaurant famous for its setting at the beach.

5. Poseidon

poseidon-del-mar-san-diegoPoseidon is a seafood restaurant which is not only a restaurant for a romantic dinner but also for people of any age. The restaurant is designed as a fashionable look by the sand. The menu gives a Mediterranean touch.

6. Village Pizzeria

Village-Pizzeria-san-diegoVillage Pizzeria is a casual family restaurant located at the Bayside. On Wednesdays, they have an offer for kids in which they eat free pizzas in which they also have an option of “Build your Pizza”. Also, if you are a game person, then the dining room at the Village Pizzeria has 3 Plasma TVs.

7. Duke’s La Jolla

dukes-la-jolla-san-diegoDuke’s La Jolla is a family-friendly restaurant offering the food of Hawaiian and Californian touch. It is also known for its desserts, the Hula Pie.

8. Corvette Diner

Corvette-Diner-san-diegoIf you are a fan of eating a comfy food, then Corvette Diner is just the place for you. It serves burger, shakes, and fries. It is also famous for birthday parties.

9. Harney Sushi

harney-sushi-san-diegoLooking for the famous Japanese Sushi, Harney Sushi is where you will find it. It is known for having its indoor and outdoor arrangement of seating with the DJ spinning songs.

10. South Beach Bar and Grille

south-beach-bar-and-grille-san-diegoSouth Beach Bar and Grille is known for offering its different kinds of tacos. They have a happy hour from 3.00-6.00pm with a half priced menu. It is open till 2.00am and is usually always crowded.